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The Bergquist Company has introduced ready-to-use thermal-clad insulated metal substrates (IMS) in standard star, square, array or strip formats.

Ten different contact patterns are available, supporting high-power LEDs from Osram, Lite-On, Lumex, Lumileds, Cree, X-Lamp, Seoul Semiconductor, Nichia and Avago Technologies.

Currently available configurations include single-device star or 36-up star arrays, as well as square boards in a 17-up strip.

Bergquist’s thermal-clad IMS enhances thermal management for high-power LED lighting designs, enabling higher driving currents for increased brightness as well as ensuring lower junction temperature for greater reliability and longer operating lifetime.

Using thermal-clad IMS also enables designers to achieve the desired light output with fewer individual LEDs.

These thermal-clad power-LED substrates have more than three times the thermal conductivity of conventional FR4 PCB, achieving 1.3W/m-K to enable efficient thermal coupling to a heatsink or the surrounding ambient.

The substrates comprise a 1.57mm gauge aluminium base plate, thermally conductive di-electric and 35-micron copper circuit foil.

They are delivered ready to use, with white solder mask and HASL solder pads.

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