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Bernard Welding Equipment has made a number of enhancements to its Dura-Flux self-shielded flux-cored welding gun.

Customers can choose between a variety of trigger guards, cable lengths, neck styles and direct plugs to obtain the most suitable flux-cored guns for their applications.

Bernard now offers six different cable lengths, from 8ft (2.4m) to 25ft, and the choice between a small trigger guard and a large heat shield.

The small trigger guard provides increased manoeuvrability and access to tight weld joints, while the large heat shield increases operator comfort by blocking radiant heat from the welding arc.

The company is also offering an optional heavy-duty contact tip insulator that will be included along with the standard insulator on all new gun purchases.

The heavy-duty insulator has a thicker wall above the base of the tip and is longer than the standard insulator, providing increased heat resistance and allowing a shorter contact tip stick-out to prevent arc-out against the side walls of deep joints.

The Dura-Flux also features direct plugs for Miller, Lincoln, Euro and Tweco 4 wire feeders, allowing customers to use the gun with all of the wire feeders commonly used in self-shielded flux-cored applications.

Bernard manufactures premium GMAW (MIG) and FCAW (flux-cored) welding guns, consumables, accessories and manual arc products.

Bernard Welding Equipment

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