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A software option that enables race and tyre engineers to simultaneously monitor the pressure and temperature of more than 240 tyres from a single location has been unveiled by Beru F1 Systems.

With complete data from all the tyres available, engineers can quickly identify issues and select the optimum wheel set for the conditions.

‘Currently, engineers have to interrogate each tyre individually, which can be time consuming,’ said application engineer James Shingleton.

‘This software provides the temperature and pressure of up to 240 tyres in a single location, simplifying the task considerably,’ he added.

The system can also advise if tyres breach predetermined minimum and maximum pressures or temperatures, quickly highlighting a tyre that is not in its optimum condition.

With multiple configuration options, the team can set individual warning parameters for front and rear tyres.

Using the permit list and position file already generated for the TPMS ECU, (to recognise which wheel set a sensor belongs to, and where it will be positioned on the car) the software sorts the data received to display complete wheel sets on screen.

The system works using antennae mounted in the garage to receive datagrams transmitted by the wheel sensors when they are stationary, or when the wheel sensor is interrogated by a Mini Trigger (one supplied with the package), which are then processed by the ECU, and the data transferred to the PC software.

The Garage Monitoring Software complements Beru F1 Systems’ complete range of TPMS products.

The firm’s technology is available for applications ranging from Formula One through to road cars and commercial vehicles.

The company also manufactures diagnostics and test equipment for race teams and vehicle manufacturers.

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