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MCP Consulting and Training developed the AMIS assessment and audit tool, sponsored by the DTi, to determine the degree of a company’s compliance against a model of optimal efficiency and control.

Defined some 20 years ago, Best Practice can be defined as the systems, methods and working processes that enable an organisation to cost effectively manage, monitor, measure and control its assets throughout their life cycle.

Since its inception, more than 4,000 sites worldwide have used the model to build effective management of their physical assets.

AMIS provides a standard model for assessing industry practices and to improve manufacturing performance.

The original AMIS assessment has evolved into a complete programme and suite of documents that help a company to achieve Best Practice.

The AMIS Best Practice Programme comprises: an assessment tool; an assessment reference manual; documented Best Practices; implementation guidelines; training materials for each element of Best Practice; and performance monitoring dashboards.

The entire programme is suited to those organisations that have several manufacturing facilities either at the same site or located in various different locations.

The programme is used to ensure that all sites within an organisation are adopting the same approaches, methods and standards for their physical assets.

Assessment also provides a common and consistent method for comparing the effectiveness of management systems and methods applied site to site.

The AMIS Assessment Tool is the foundation of the programme, providing the means to measure on an objective basis the approach to maintenance and asset management.

It is structured around a Best Practice model and incorporates the requirements for Good practice described in PAS 55.

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