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At PWO’s new factory in Suzhou, about 100 kilometres from Shanghai, a Beutler blanking-press equipped with Schuler automation solutions is guaranteeing high process reliability and part quality.

Automotive manufacturer PWO supplies the local market with metal components for safety and technology and boasts considerable process know-how in the forming and connecting of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Its partner is Schuler’s Swiss subsidiary, Beutler Nova.

Udo Binder, head of investment management at PWO, said: ‘The new line is used to produce parts for electric motors, which have to be engineered extremely precisely – for electric windows, for example.

‘These small parts have a diameter of no more than 100mm.

‘Tolerances in production are therefore in the 0.01mm range.’ When choosing the Beutler Nova line with Schuler’s automation solution, PWO was certain it could guarantee such a high degree of quality with a good price-performance ratio.

Binder added: ‘We only install lines in China for which fast on-site service is available at all times.

‘As Suzhou is located close to Shanghai, this is no problem: Schuler’s experts in Shanghai can be on site within about an hour to deal with any electrical or mechanical queries.

‘This is really important for us.’ Beutler Nova and Schuler installed the line in November 2008 in a production hall that was far from finished.

Hans Scharli, managing director of Beutler Nova, said: ‘With the aid of truck cranes, we succeeded in assembling Beutler’s NAD 4000.30 automatic punching machine and the Schuler coil line in long-space design within just two weeks.

‘We were able to launch test operation on the line as early as mid December 2008.’ The blanking press with transverse shaft drive and two connecting rods turning in opposite directions has a blanking force of 4000kN (400 tonf).

The press operates at speeds of 20 to 80 strokes per minute, while the stroke length is adjustable from 40 to 315mm.

The bed’s dimensions are 3000 by 1300mm.

A coil line in long-space design from Schuler Automation is responsible for feeding the blanking press.

It comprises a coil-lifting platform, decoiler, feeding device, straightening machine with six rollers, loop control and roll feed.

The complete system at PWO’s Chinese facility can process sheet steel and aluminium with widths of 80 to 650mm and a coil thickness of 0.5 to 6mm.

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