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BHR Group has announced a call for papers for its seventh North American Multiphase Conference.

Over the past 12 years, this conference has attracted technical experts and leaders in the application and operation of multiphase from around the world.

The organisers have issued a call for papers for presentation at the conference, to be held in Banff, Canada on 2-4 June 2010.

The North American conference will present work being undertaken in North and South America, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise with many professionals in Europe, the Middle East and other areas.

The challenge is to provide practical solutions for current requirements in wide ranging climates, topographical environments and ecosystems, while developing the vision to see where the technology should go in future.

Multiphase Technology has the capacity to be a cornerstone for future oil and gas production and support the goal of conserving the world’s resources by enabling extraction at minimum energy cost.

Multiphase Technology 2010 is an opportunity for delegates to present and discuss new research and developments, consider innovations and explore technology transfer between industries.

BHR Group is internationally recognised as a centre of excellence in multiphase research and technical development and for its series of multiphase conferences.

Papers accepted for the conference are likely to cover technological developments, applications in various environments, or advantages of multiphase over conventional techniques in terms of operational benefits and cost savings.

The conference is designed for everyone engaged in the application, development and research of multiphase technology for the oil and gas industry.

It offers particular value to designers, facility and operations engineers, consultants and researchers from operating, contracting, consultancy and technology companies.

Applications in oil and gas may also interest engineers from other industries for which multiphase technology offers a solution.

BHR Group is organising the conference with support from Neotechnology Consultants, Canada and the University of Tulsa, with sponsorship from Bornemann Pumps and New Technology Magazine.

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