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Socomec’ Modulys XS – the ultimate modularity for the most critical environments. From 2.5 to 20 kVA/20kW

Infinite protection – for every load – with universal compatibility

Global power management expert, Socomec, is launching a pioneering UPS solution that makes the latest advances in mid & high power UPS technology more accessible – across all applications – than ever before.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing and supplying state of art modular solutions, Socomec’s Modulys technology evolve to the ultimate availability, scalability and extended lifetime to critical applications in IT infrastructures – and is now available to serve applications and facilities of every size.

With particular expertise in delivering power solutions for the most critical and challenging Data Centre applications, Socomec has built on the success of the Modulys GP 2.0 and the Modulys XL to create the next generation of single phase power modular UPS solutions to deliver big data centre technology in a small format: Modulys XS.

Gold standard tech – for every application

The Modulys XS has been specifically engineered to be universally compatible across multiple segments and applications: SME server rooms, localised telecom equipment, Edge & micro datacentre, process control stations, retail critical systems, Industry 4.0 production lines & digital infrastructure, transportation signalling, security and payment structures and more…….  Based on field-proven technology deployed across 4000 installations around the world, the XS is the new generation for small scale modular UPS and makes tech and unmatched expertise available to everyone.

With flexible modularity providing seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 20 kW, the XS range is the ideal solution for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolution; installed power can be increased up to 20 kW by adding hot-swap plug-in power modules for incremental steps of 2.5 kW or 5 kW.

Colin Dean MD  , Socomec, comments: “As a pioneer in the modular market – and with vast experience of proprietary modular technologies and platforms – Socomec has created a new generation of truly modular equipment that is flexible, scalable and designed for rapid deployment or upgrade – all whilst maintaining system availability.  We’ve ripped up the rulebook on power scalability to deliver our gold standard technology in XS format.  We understand that data facilities come in all shapes and sizes, are more and more decentralised, which is why we’ve packed all of the smartest tech into a format to suit any application – what’s more, we’ve made the retrofit process simplicity itself.  Power scaling will never be the same.  We’ve democratised big data centre technology to bring it to every application.”

Infinite protection – for all loads, in online mode

The Modulys XS has been designed to remove any single point of failure and reduce MTTR, whilst maximising uptime.  All modules are totally independent can be swapped without switching to the external manual bypass. Furthermore, concurrent in-situ maintenance, servicing and repairs mean that you can maintain all components while the rest of the UPS system supports the load in online mode.

Colin comments; “By fully isolating a power module, the Modulys XS protects the load in online mode – during operation, maintenance and upgrade.  It’s completely foolproof – no engineering skills required. The process is simple; plug a new module into a prewired bay and wait for it to self-configure automatically while the rest of the system protects the load – working in inverter mode. The latest technology is now easier to master than ever before.”

Fast and easy to retrofit within your existing architecture – across multiple generations

Compatible with previous generations of proven technology, the XS has been designed for easy enhancement of existing sites. The easy swap of aged modules and batteries allows the renewal of the UPS system without any electrical work in a very short time. This universal compatibility prolongs the installation life with the added benefit of upgraded new technology all maximising the return of investment.

It becomes easy to plan a fast, straightforward retrofit – saving time and reducing upfront costs –  re-configuration is easy, with self-guiding displays.

Available in 3 models, the Modulys XS has been engineered for mission critical IT and non-IT applications, in Tower or rack-mounted arrangement, as well as with high capacity and a long autonomy battery.

To see the XS in action, visit the team at Data Centre World, London, 11th – 12th March 2020  

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Socomec UPS

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC are an industrial group that boasts a workforce in excess of 2500 people worldwide.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies with Socomec

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC are an industrial group that boasts a workforce in excess of 2500 people worldwide.

With products marketed under the trademark SOCOMEC UPS, the extensive range of products fulfils any and every need for a Continuous Electrical Power Supply of the highest quality.

Innovative Power Solutions

The UPS offered by SOCOMEC UPS, in addition to the Secure Critical Power UPS Systems, Rectifiers, Harmonic Equalisers and DC to AC/AC to DC Converters, makes up the most complete range offered worldwide and covers the widest range of applications with something to suit each and every sector of the market.

SOCOMEC UPS were the first manufacturer in France to offer static power supplies in 1968. In 1980 they were the first to design a UPS with PWM technology, 1996 saw them being the first to integrate IGBT technology with major power sources and in 2000, SOCOMEC became the first designer to integrate a UPS with a modular rack system.

Since then they have also been the first to integrate hybrid components in 2001, they developed the first 200kVA UPS to include an IGBT rectifier in 2003 and came up with new battery charging designs in 2004. In 2006 they also developed a replacement for the traditional battery based solution by creating a dynamic energy storage system.

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