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Omniflex specialises in ‘out-of-the-box’ remote monitoring solutions based on years of industrial plant networking experience, from last mile connection to mainstream Ethernet backbones. The Teleterm range specifically addresses the remote outstation issue by providing a programmable platform of IEC61131 languages, for control and networking options from low grade cable to radio and GSM infrastructure. Wireless distributed PLCs with inherent data acquisition capability are an attractive proposition against cable-based systems.

HMI systems can link easily with SQL databases, Use MQTT and OPC UA to integrate into larger MES system with links to big data. Visualisation can be wireless also, through the use of WiFi and a tablet for a portable operator interface or management tool linking into the system without having to use fixed desktop computers. Remote site visualisation is achieved the same way, using a tablet and remote Teleterm devices and local routers integrating via the Internet.

What to look for in an IIoT solution

      • 1. Security from hackers.
      • 2. Interoperability with existing legacy devices (PLC and scada etc.).
      • 3. Scalability: add to the solution easily.
      • 4. Precision and accuracy: industrial grade measurements.
      • 5. Programmability: process local data at front end.
      • 6. Low latency response to system changes.
      • 7. Reliability: industrially hardened products for harsh conditions.
      • 8. Resilience: failure mode coverage.
      • 9. Automation: function as a connected automation block, not just data acquisition.
      • 10. Serviceability: plug-and-play replacement, service and support.

    Features of the Omniflex solution

    Wireless capabilities: licence-free band radio RTUs and wireless PLCs; WiFi and HMI solutions; GSM IIoT RTUs and PLC units; repeater solutions; Internet-based monitoring; and email, SMS and data transmission.

    Teleterm Features: flexible mixed configurable I/O (analog and digital); Ethernet and wireless ports; programmable serial port; local logging on SD cards; DIN rail mounting: 9-30 VDC powered; and Modbus/Modbus TCP as standard.

    Big data connectivity: MQTT capable; SQL database compatible; OPC UA compatible; and REST API interface.


The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

The company was founded in 1965, formerly known as Conlog, specialising in process control, alarm/event management and instrumentation products and systems. In 1997, the original instrumentation business division of the company changed its name to OMNIFLEX Ltd.

Omniflex works across all business sectors including pharmaceuticals, hospitals, oil, gas, nuclear, water, electrical distribution and energy monitoring.

The company has its offices in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, and the company’s products are sold on five continents. Product ranges include well-known brands such as OMNI SIL alarm annunciators, OMNITERM SIL signal conditioning, MAXIFLEX intelligent remote terminal units (RTU) and I/O systems and the MAXILARM/Omni 4000 alarm/event management systems.

We bracket ourselves as a ‘remote monitoring specialist’, using data acquisition systems, with better than 1mS timestamp at the IO point (from several I/O up to thousands of I/O),  alarm event management including multiplexing systems, telemetry systems, Data2Desktop using standard web browsers, over varying forms of media and high-integrity (SIL1) annunciator systems.

A particular area that Omniflex is also very strong in is obsolescence issues on old legacy alarm annunciators systems. We have, in most cases, a solution for replacement of Rochester, Highland and Robinson’s annunciator systems. Our alarm annunciator systems have been substantiated by Sellafield for and on behalf of all the nuclear operators.

An area that we can offer customers significant cost savings is through the use of our CONET networking technology, which is supported by many of our RTU / PLC products. Using our CONET network technology allows existing installed cabling to be used therefore significant cabling/installation costs can be avoided. A typical example of this whereby our customer in the nuclear industry used our CONET technology, retained their existing cabling and infrastructure, saved them in the region of £1m on cabling and scaffolding.

As a worldwide supplier, OMNIFLEX provides technical training, back-up and application engineering support to a variety of industry partners including local distributors, value-adding resellers and systems integrators, to provide superior levels of service to the end user.

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