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The carbon-fibre diffusers on Aston Martin cars are attached with Bighead fasteners and Bigbond adhesive.

The discrete, strong Bighead fasteners are surface mounted on the inside of the diffusers.

According to Bighead Bonding Fasteners, a BMW-approved supplier to Rolls-Royce, the fasteners are completely invisible, with no rivets or drill holes necessary.

Thanks to the design of the perforated ‘head’, the glue flows through the holes and hooks the fastener into position, achieving high stability and strength.

The quality of the weld in the Bighead is said to be very important.

If it is weak or inconsistent, the fastener could break under stress.

Every Bighead fastener is made at the Bighead factory in the UK and the weld integrity is tested in house on every production lot.

Last year, Bighead achieved low defect rates of 18ppm and, with the recent introduction of lean manufacturing techniques, this is expected to come down further.

Bighead fasteners come in 400 standard types, with many head shapes and sizes available to suit a variety of applications.

The fasteners are also available with female fittings.

Bighead Bonding Fasteners

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