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Expanding its close working partnership with Italian machine tool manufacturer BIGLIA, Schaeffler now supplies it with super-precision FAG spindle and cylindrical roller bearings.

Established in the 1950s, the BIGLIA group is based in Incisa Scapaccino, a small town located in the famous Italian wine-growing region of Piemont.

The company initially focused on the manufacture of sawing and special-purpose machines, but in more recent years has seen steady growth in the lathe sector.

Today, the group employs 170 staff and has manufactured more than 10,000 machines since its foundation.

In 2004 BIGLIA selected Schaeffler as its preferred supplier of ball and roller monorail guidance systems in order to ensure that the company’s range of lathes and multi-spindle machine tools would continue to meet customers’ high expectations in terms of quality, machine reliability and performance.

In fact, the majority of main axes in BIGLIA turning machines are now equipped with ball and roller linear recirculating bearing and guideway assemblies from Schaeffler, such as the KUVE 35 guidance system.

The KUVE range of four-row monorail guidance systems offers high accuracy, rigidity and load-carrying capacity, as well as other special characteristics depending on the guidance system chosen.

KUVE guides have integral lubricant reservoirs adjacent to the rolling elements and provide long operating life, with maintenance-free operation in certain applications.

The KUVE-B guidance system is suitable for applications where the emphasis is on dynamic characteristics as well as maximum load-carrying capacity and rigidity.

A wide range of carriages is available, including standard, long, low, high, short and narrow, all of these running on the same modular guideway.

A special low-noise KUVE design is also available and suitable for applications in which quiet running is a higher priority than load-carrying capacity.

This version incorporates plastic elements called Quad-Spacers, which guide and separate the balls, preventing collisions and reducing running noise.

The KUVE range is available with guideways between 15 and 55mm in width and with teeth on the underside or on the lateral face, enabling various drives and mounting concepts.

Additional options include an integrated electronic-magnetic measuring system for direct measurement of travel distance using an incremental or absolute encoder.

A wide range of accessories are also available for KUVE ball-guidance systems, including brass closing plugs, guideway covering strips with fitting and retention devices, clamping lugs and strips, and an emergency braking device.

Sealing and lubrication devices are available in versatile combinations in the form of modular kits of parts.

Various drive and connection components for the toothed guideway version are also available.

BIGLIA currently offers a comprehensive range of multi-functional lathes and multi-spindle machine tools, with two or three automatic turning heads.

Available in 25 different versions with between two and 12 axes, these machines are suitable for universal turning operations and for machining complex assemblies in a single set up.

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