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Flame Hardeners has been selected to provide energy-efficient surface heat treatment for the front drive sprocket of an electric motorcycle that is being entered into the eGrandPrix.

The RGV-E bike was designed and developed by engineers Brendan Rice and Matt Bagshawe and rider/mechanic Russell Licence.

It is of lightweight construction (total weight: 110kg) with a top speed of 90mph.

The front drive sprocket, which is mounted directly on to the electric motor, is manufactured from EN8 steel.

Surface heat treatment is an energy efficient and versatile hardening process for both large and small batches of components as heat is applied only to the specific area that requires hardening.

Other forms of heat treatment usually heat the total volume of the component.

In the case of the motorcycle sprocket, only the teeth were hardened.

The technique offers wear-resistant surfaces, which improves the fatigue strength.

In addition, it permits the use of cheaper alloy steels and produces less distortion than other forms of heat treatment, resulting in reduced finishing operations and shorter processing times.

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