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The LMT Fette Bilz Thermogrip induction shrinking unit provides an automatic cycle within 30s that assembles and mates the shrink-fit assembly of carbide and high-speed steel cutting tools.

The system is able to maintain a concentricity of 0.003mm between the tool and holder, enabling a balanced pre-set unit to be created that is ideal for high-speed machining cycles.

The safe and repeatable assembly process of tool and holder is then capable of vibration-free cycles that provide equal loading of the cutting edges and help to overcome the creation of problems with the machine tool bearings and extend cutting tool life, while maintaining high orders of surface finish.

The ISG-3200WK induction shrinking machine is the latest in the range of bench-top and self-contained units available from LMT (UK).

The machine uses an inductive heating coil with a high-energy field to locally heat the toolholder in order to expand the inner diameter to accept the toolshank.

Both heating and cooling are performed in the same position using the fully integrated flood-cooling system to quench the tool assembly.

As the complete operation is performed in a single cycle, any risk of injury associated with handling a heated tool unit is eliminated.

As part of the cycle, once the specified temperature is reached, the toolshank is automatically and accurately inserted into the holder helped by a Bilz patented design of counterbore in the holder and a further patent-covered Ferrite Plate system.

This system prevents heat reaching the cutting edges of the tool and any overheating of the tool body.

The process-controlled 10kW high-frequency generator has the capacity for tools between 3mm and 32mm diameter in solid carbide and 6mm to 32mm diameter in high-speed steel.

Tools can be up to 450mm long, requiring a single heating coil.

Presetting of the tool assembly can be carried out through the use of a measuring adaptor that is inserted with the toolholder.

The fully programmable automated process monitors the temperature ready for the toolshank to be inserted.

The assembly is then moved down to the cooling position where direct flood-quenching is applied over a set time with coolant supplied from a 30 litre capacity tank.

The movement is then reversed and the tool assembly is presented to the unload position via a strategically positioned air knife that is employed to dry the unit.

Operation of the ISG-3200WK is via menu with data shown in the graphics display of the dialogue-based control.

There is also a manual control giving an override with full adjustment to the generator and heating time.

An ejection device is available for removing any broken tools from their holder and a special shielding disc protects the tool from the strong magnetic field between the heating coil and the tool shank.

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