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Petroferm has developed the Bioact 105 precision cleaner for the removal of soils.

The new cleaner can be used as an alternative to isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which is often utilised to remove many soils because of its compatibility characteristics, reasonable performance and low cost.

As environmental and fire-safety regulations become more stringent, the demand increases for cleaning agents that are safer and that have better solvency and less environmental impact.

Bioact 105’s composition of aliphatic hydrocarbons, non-linear alcohols and high-purity terpenes allows it to quickly dissolve a variety soils, including oils, greases, adhesives and welding flux residues.

The company claims that it is a more powerful and more versatile cleaner than IPA.

Fast-evaporating solvents such as IPA are among the major sources of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

IPA evaporates approximately seven times faster than Bioact 105 under actual batch cleaning conditions.

This means that using Bioact 105 to replace IPA can reduce VOC emissions by as much as 86 per cent.

Even though IPA has been used as a cleaning agent for decades, manufacturers are becoming more concerned about the flammability of IPA processes.

Typical room-temperature, IPA-cleaning processes operate at approximately 77F (25C), well above IPA’s 53F (12C) closed-cup flash point.

This means that the vapours from a room-temperature IPA process can be ignited if oxygen is available (as it always is in the form of air) and if an ignition source is introduced.

Test results show that Bioact 105 provides better cleaning than IPA at ambient temperatures, while remaining well below the cleaner’s 105F (41C) closed-cup flash point.

Cleaning with Bioact 105 is, therefore, safer than with IPA, according to Petroferm.

The ingredients in Bioact 105 were selected to offer low toxicity without sacrificing performance.

Under normal conditions, its vapours are not irritating to the eyes, skin or respiratory tract.

In studies with laboratory animals, the inhalation of the saturated vapours (2,500ppm) of the non-linear alcohol in this cleaning agent produced no adverse effects.

Similarly, there have been no reports of adverse inhalation effects in humans.

Comparable results have been shown for the other Bioact 105 ingredients.

To determine the economic impact of using Bioact 105, a use-cost analysis should be performed.

Relative use-cost information can be determined by evaluating the differences in chemical costs, evaporation rates, maximum soil loading, drag-out and process cycle time.

Bioact 105 has been tested and approved to meet the compatibility standards of the aerospace industry.

It is approved for use by Bell Helicopter, CFM, CE Aviation, Gulfstream Aerospace, International Aero Engines, Honeywell Aerospace, Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce and United Airlines.

Bioact 105 conforms to ASTM F1110, F502, F519, F485, F483, F2111, D3941, D2879, D1901, D1613, B117 and G46.

It can be applied with a wipe cloth, by immersion (dip), by flooding and in most non-aqueous cleaning equipment.

Process equipment suitable to handle this product is commercially available from several equipment vendors.

Petroferm Cleaning Products develops, manufactures and markets environmentally-responsible cleaning products to meet the increasing demands of today’s manufacturing operations. For over 25 years, we have provided our customers with solvent substitution and pollution prevention options – helping them to replace solvents with high environmental, safety and health impact.

The core markets we serve include Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Device and Optics as well as other high tech industries. Sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM and SOLVAG trade names, our products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from sophiscated multi-stage cleaning systems to simple manual cleaning applications.  

We have high performance products for all major cleaning processes including aqueous, semi-aqueous, cold immersion cleaning, manual wipe cleaning and vapor degreasing. With over 100 products to choose from, our experienced Regional Sales Managers are ready to help prospective customer select, evaluate and implement the most appropriate cleaning products and processes.  

Cleaning products are available directly from Petroferm or through an extensive network of distributors and business partners operating in over 45 countries worldwide. At Petroferm, we provide: Advanced Products for Advanced Cleaning.

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