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Biobank Uppsala is utilising 2D-coded sample storage tubes, racks and caps from Micronic to provide the traceable, high-integrity storage of blood fraction samples (mainly serum and plasma).

Biobank Uppsala is a Scandinavian biobank that was founded to provide an organised central collection of samples that are gathered, stored and registered for the purpose of being conserved for scientific studies, treatment and investigation.

The organisation’s collection is increasing by approximately 4,000 aliquots per month, with the number of stored samples set to double within two to four years.

The biobank aims to ensure blood, plasma and serum samples are processed from patient to cold storage in less than four hours.

Key benefits of product application

  • In a four-hour period, Biobank Uppsala seldom has 12 new samples (96 aliquots) to store. Because of this, the ability of the Micronic Capcluster system to securely cap a single tube, a row of tubes or even a complete 96-tube rack in a single action has benefited the organisation.
  • The low profile of Micronic 96-tube storage racks, and the compact size of their 0.50ml 2D-coded tubes, has allowed the organisation to optimise the use of its freezer space.
  • Micronic 0.50ml sample storage tubes are manufactured from medical-grade polypropylene, according to US and European pharmacopoeia tests, in a classified Class 7 cleanroom environment, ensuring that they exhibit absolute product consistency and near-zero contaminants and that they are RNase/DNase free.
  • The tubes resist many organic solvents (DMSO, methanol, dichloromethane), may be autoclaved, withstand gamma rays used for sterilisation and can be repeatedly freeze-thawed.
  • A 2D-code non-detachable laser etched onto the bottom of each tube provides an easy and unambiguous means of storing and identifying samples.
  • The optimised internal shape of each Micronic sample storage tube ensures the lowest possible dead volume and maximum sample recovery.

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