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Microbial Solutions has launched two bioreactors that can be enlarged or reduced in size for disposal of hazardous metalworking fluids and associated oil-contaminated materials.

MSL Microcycle Technology uses a bioreactor unit and ‘friendly bacteria’ to turn toxic, exhausted metalworking fluids and oils into grey water that is safe to dispose of straight into the sewerage system.

The technology replaces disposal processes such as vacuum evaporation and ultra filtration that produce toxic oily waste residues requiring treatment and then disposal in landfill.

Microbial Solutions also offers a diagnostics service for components of used metalworking fluids, such as mycobacteria and endotoxins.

These modular and continuous-flow bioreactors are rapidly adjustable in capacity and can cope with increases or decreases in the production of waste metalworking fluids in line with clients’ specific requirements.

The modular design allows bioreactor cells to be added or removed as capacity requirements change.

Where there is a requirement to treat a waste stream on a continuous flow basis, such as a waste metal-working fluid production rate that is continuous or of high annual volume, the continuous flow design allows for a stream of waste metalworking fluid to be fed into the bioreactor and the treated effluent to be discharged continuously.

MSL’s continuous-flow bioreactors also offer improved effluent quality characteristics when compared with existing bioreactors.

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