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Warner Instruments has introduced the Biostat, a software-driven, multi-mode potentiostat for measuring pH, reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide.

This system allows precise amperometric, voltammetric and temperature measurements to be made independently on up to four channels.

According to Warner, total electrical isolation of each channel ensures independent recording with ultra-low noise.

The Biostat system can handle signals of either polarity, employing either two-electrode or three-electrode sensor configurations.

The compact, rugged case and shielding is designed to be stable and durable, while providing immunity from external interference.

Biostat can be used with Warner’s line of Microminiature electrodes and sensors, or for any multi-channel, isolated data acquisition, such as multi-electrode electrophysiological recordings.

Warner Instruments is a designer and manufacturer of biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular and neurological sciences.

Warner Instruments

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