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Biwater Treatment has been awarded a construction contract for Stirling Water with an anticipated programme duration of two years.

The Seafield wastewater treatment works near Edinburgh receives flows of up to 21MLD and produces 50 tonnes of screenings per week.

Construction work includes upgrading the existing inlet works, consisting of new course screens, replacement fine screens complete with screenings handling and a replacement grit classification arrangement.

A new odour control system will also be provided, which covers areas of the plant that represent the primary sources of odour, extracting the air, treating the air using a number of odour control units (OCUs) and discharging the cleaned air through stacks.

Stirling Water is the consortium responsible for the Almond Valley, Seafield and Esk private finance initiative (PFI) contract for Scottish Water.

This is a 30-year contract set up under the government’s PFI and involves the design, construction and operation of a number of wastewater sites that serve Edinburgh and the Almond Valley.

Biwater Treatment

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