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Blue Diamond has introduced a service that centres on the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke sealing solutions to protect against leaks and contamination.

The company claims that there is a growing need across many different industries throughout the UK and Europe for non-conventional seals.

Blue Diamond has reported a rapid uptake of the new service for both rotary/dynamic and static applications.

The latter might include situations where IP67 protection is required between two mechanical faces, for example.

A case in point is a manufacturer of jet tenders for the marine industry, which recently contacted Blue Diamond regarding a sealing problem.

Not only was the problem resolved but the project was extended to include the redesign of the entire driveshaft assembly, complete with bespoke bearings and anti-vibration mountings.

Elsewhere, a manufacturer of exterior CCTV cameras for shopping precincts has benefited from Blue Diamond bespoke seals, whereby the solution helped protect the equipment from the weather and subsequently reduced failure times and service intervals.

Other recent applications include a bespoke seal solution for a powder milling machine used in a clean-room environment by a supplier of dosage processing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and a seal for an intrinsically safe camera that can be used in hazardous petrochemical areas.

Bespoke seals are either manufactured by Blue Diamond in the UK, typically encompassing volumes from a one-off up to 500, or for higher volumes through the company’s manufacturing partners in the Far East.

Materials are carefully selected according to the application and can include standard materials such as Viton/FKM, Silicone, Nitrile, HNBR or ACM, or bespoke materials; Blue Diamond often works with material suppliers to formulate special rubber blends.

The company uses non-linear FEA software, which has been customised to include special subroutines that reflect the actual operating conditions of customer components/assemblies.

If customers already have a bespoke seal and are seeking a replacement, Blue Diamond can identify the material and reverse engineer the design, optimising the product where required.

Blue Diamond Technologies

Blue Diamond offers a complete design, engineering and manufacturing service
for a wide range of components and assemblies including machined components,
cast parts and plastic components.

Working with the best suppliers in Europe and the Far East, Blue Diamond
provides all the benefits of global procurement with the reassurance of a UK
base and over 30 years experience in sourcing, importing, stocking and

Components, which can be supplied singly, in multiples or in kit form, can
be produced in almost any material including stainless steel and a range of
ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Parts can be supplied unfinished or
anodised, plated or plastic coated.  Scope of supply includes automotive
components such as seals, ‘O’ rings, circlips, nuts, bolts and spacers.

Blue Diamond engineers have many years experience in both the design and
development of bespoke products and the re-engineering of existing
components to improve operating performance or reduce costs.

Using the latest computer software packages, special components can be
developed to provide the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing
solution.  Once a suitable design is agreed, the company can rapidly produce
prototype assemblies for testing.

Investment in the latest inspection and measurement technologies ensures
that all components produced meet the most exacting standards on volume

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