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Germany-based software company Bluestone Technology has announced that its ARINC664 (AFDX) network monitor and analyser, Supnet(A) Rx(free), is available as freeware.

Supnet(A) Rx(free) is the first of a line of ARINC664 (AFDX) development and testing products to be released in the next year.

Supnet is a comprehensive ARINC664 (AFDX) network analyser, capable of recording (locally or remotely), managing, importing PCAP/wireshark format, bluecap format) and analysing ARINC664 (AFDX) network captures.

These captures can be filtered by all ARINC664 (AFDX) entities (such as end-system, virtual link, IP, protocol, message and packet) and their specified meta-data.

Supnet also offers pre-defined filter and analysing functions, for example, AFDX-conformance-, bag- and throughput-analyser, and the possibility to define user filters and analysers.

Bluestone Technology GmbH

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