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Interface Concept has introduced the IC-PQ3-VPX3a, an ultra-low power processor VPX 3U board designed for a range of embedded applications in the defence, telecoms, industry and aero areas.

The IC-PQ3-VPX3a is based on the Freescale Powerquicc III MPC8536E processor.

It is designed to offer both gigahertz-class complex application processing abilities and high-speed connectivity in a small board footprint.

Typical consumption in full-operational configuration (1GHz) is 10W.

The IC-PQ3-VPX3a is said to be ideally suited for a large range of embedded applications such as compute-intensive solutions requiring high-speed I/O transactions, Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for high-performance network connectivity or redundant failsafe links, control element for network switches, storage subsystems, network appliances, print and imaging devices and so on.

Other features include up to 1Gbyte DDR2-ECC, 128MB Flash, 4Gbytes of NAND Flash, and up to three Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The IC-PQ3-VPX3a is available in standard, extended and rugged grades.

Interface Concept provides BSP for Vxworks and Linux operating systems.

Other RTOS can be ported on request.

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