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Rotalink has introduced a low-cost speed and direction controller for motors up to 1.5A that features Pulse Width Modulation with an on-board potentiometer for smooth and precise adjustment.

The board-mounted unit, measuring 63 x 46mm, has a wide user supply range from 7-24VDC with the single-turn potentiometer set at 50 per cent for zero speed.

The unit is aimed at OEMs and users who wish to include a simple yet practical speed and direction control for Rotalink motors with a single source supply and without the unnecessary burden of their own design and manufacture.

The speed and direction controller may be used across Rotalink’s extensive range of brushed DC motors, which includes standard ferrite and high-performance rare earth magnet systems as well as heavy case designs.

Rotalink provides miniature power-transmission systems of up to 28Nm output torque for rotary motion and to more than 50N force for linear motion.

The full range includes planetary and spur gearboxes, which feature standard or enhanced polymer gears on sintered or ball bearings.

Rotalink manufactures a range of ovoid-style gearboxes with high torque output, which combine spur gears with planetary stages using ultra-polymer materials technology.

Rotalink also manufactures a range of incremental and absolute feedback devices as well as motion controls for DC motors.

The Red Drive controller is available for brushed and brushless motors and features easy-to use drag-and-drop flow-chart programming for motion control and combined TTL logic I/O.

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