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A manufacturer of contemporary TV stands has opted for a Boge SD15 screw compressor to provide a reliable, quiet and compact compressed air solution to its manufacturing site in Bradford.

Off The Wall manufactures a range of contemporary adjustable TV stands suitable for plasma TV, LCD TV and audio visual equipment.

In order to ensure the finish quality of all Origin adjustable TV stand components, Off The Wall expanded its operation by developing a manufacturing facility in Bradford.

A reliable source of compressed air is critical in assuring a quality finish to the components.

Jason Stebbens, company director of Off The Wall, invited a number of local compressed air suppliers including Boge Compressors to make recommendations.

Boge proposed installing an SD15 screw compressor with a built-in refrigerant dryer.

The SD series from Boge offers the user a compact compressed air station.

An integral refrigerant dryer ensures a small footprint and ensures that there are no additional assembly or installation costs required for a stand-alone dryer, while a compact design allows access from one point for future maintenance work.

The SD series form part of the Boge S series screw compressor product range.

Jason Stebbens said: ‘We only use quality materials in the manufacture of our Origin range of adjustable TV stands.

‘As the finished TV stand will form part of our customer’s living space, ensuring a quality finish to all components is of utmost importance.

‘Selecting quality equipment to manufacture our components was therefore paramount in developing the new manufacturing facility.

‘We looked at a number of compressor options, however, Boge offered the best overall package.

‘Boge offered a realistic lead time and installation date, plus sales and service support.’ A Boge SD15 was consequently installed and has been operating perfectly since installation.

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