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Bostik, a provider of adhesives and sealants, has reduced its compressed-air energy costs by 32 per cent thanks to the installation of a Boge SLF 125 frequency-controlled screw compressor.

At the company’s cement manufacturing plant in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, a constant supply of compressed air is required to power the manufacturing process.

Mike Brier, the engineering manager at Bostik, recently invited a number of compressor houses to assess the energy efficiency of the existing compressed-air system as part of the company’s drive to optimise energy usage.

An audit revealed that Bostik could reduce its compressed-air energy costs by upgrading the equipment.

Boge recommended installing an SLF 125 frequency-controlled screw compressor to improve energy efficiency.

The Boge SLF series combines a direct coupled drive system with frequency control to provide pressure control under variable output requirements.

The SLF is, therefore, a low-carbon technology that works in accordance with the compressed-air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required.

Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations.

A Boge SLF 125 was subsequently installed at Bostik.

Brier said: ‘We are really pleased with the new compressor, which has not only reduced our compressed-air energy costs by 32 per cent but has contributed to overall site energy savings of eight per cent per annum.

‘Additionally, it is providing us with a continuous and reliable supply of compressed air,’ he added.

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