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Bokers has published its free 2009 Washer Catalog.

The catalogue serves as an easy-to-use specifying guide, featuring Bokers’ 23,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes.

This wide selection of washers and spacers includes outside diameters from 0.08in to 5.140in, numerous inside diameters, thicknesses and over 2,000 material options.

All non-standard washers listed are available for short-, medium- or large-run orders with no tooling charges.

Commonly specified and hard-to-find material options include various types of steel, aluminium, brass, copper, nickel silver, plus non-metallic materials such as Delrin, Teflon, Mylar and nylon.

Tools for non-metallic materials are listed in bold for easy reference.

The 2009 Washer Catalog also includes a summary of the company’s complete metal stamping capabilities.

In addition, secondary operations, an equipment list and fast-delivery options – available through the company’s flexible Just-in-Time and Dock-to-Stock programmes – are easily referenced.

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