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Boll has announced that it will supply 120 automatic filters for lube oil and fuel filtration systems for MAN Diesel engines in six new power plants.

MAN Diesel and Turbo manufactures diesel engines and supplies a large range of systems: from gensets to two-stroke engines for giant container ships; from power units to turnkey diesel power plants; and from single compressors and turbines to complete machine trains for various industrial applications.

Power plant construction is a significant business area for MAN Diesel and the company has recently secured an order for the supply of 120 large diesel engines with generator packs for installation in six new power plants in Brazil.

The plants, which are designed to produce around 1,000MW of energy from 2011, will help Brazil meet its growing demand for electricity.

Reliable filtration systems are essential to protect the diesel engines from the risk of damage from particulates – both on the lube oil and fuel oil supply – and MAN Diesel specified Boll filters for the Brazil contract.

Boll 6.46 automatic self-cleaning filters and Boll 1.78.0 Simplex filters will be installed for the lube oil filtration, while Boll 2.06 Duplex filters and Boll 1.12.2 Simplex filters will be used for the fuel supply filtration.

Additionally, 12 automatic filter combinations type 6.64.07 DN125 will be supplied for lube oil.

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