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Bomar Interconnect Products has announced the availability of the ADPT4RP adapter kit.

Assembled specifically to contain the parts most often required by technicians in on-site antenna installations, the 42-piece kit features 50-ohm coaxial connectors along with universal adapters to facilitate custom, temporary solutions for virtually any antenna system application.

Adapters are stored in a rugged, zippered leather case.

To enable hundreds of inter-series and intra-series connector combinations for antenna applications, the adapter kit includes two male and two female Type N, BNC, UHF, TNC, TNC-RT (reverse thread), TNC-RP (reverse polarity), SMA and SMA-RP (reverse polarity) parts.

Eight universal adapters are also provided.

These threaded devices attach any two mating ends to get a system operational, and allowing a technician to return with the exact part.

Two flat wrenches are supplied for removal of the mating ends.

Bomar said that all components in its adapter kit for antenna applications exhibit high-conductivity properties and are manufactured of precision-machined brass with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated bodies, Teflon insulators and gold-plated contacts.

Bomar Interconnect Products

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