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Bomar Interconnect Products has announced the addition of female RCA connectors to its RoHS-compliant V-Bite Series of RF edgeboard connectors.

With gold contacts to ensure optimum signal integrity in audio and video applications, the 75-ohm interfaces join the V-Bite Series, which also includes standard male and female Type N, sealed Type N, Type F, threaded through-panel BNC and standard BNC, twin BNC, mini-BNC and TNC styles.

All connectors in the series feature an extremely low profile (half the connector’s diameter) and small footprint, making them suitable for high-density, space-constrained designs.

The connectors are said to provide superior anti-rotation abilities to ensure robust connections.

V-Bites can snap and lock in place for secure PCB retention during hand or reflow soldering, and are supported from above and below the board to disperse rotational torque relief to minimise stress on the solder area.

Bomar said that its RCA V-Bites promote a quality video signal, resolution, colour and audio accuracy in a broad range of commercial, industrial and consumer applications.

The jack is frequently specified to connect RG59 or RG6 coaxial cables in applications such as CATV, HDTV, broadband, DSS (digital satellite systems), plasma displays, projectors, security, audio installations and in residential structured wiring.

Offered standard with gold contacts, Bomar’s V-Bites are engineered of nickel-plated machined brass.

Their straight-through contact design provides an extremely low reflection factor with a VSWR of 1.30.

Parts are supplied with a Teflon dielectric to facilitate reflow soldering, and are offered in an extensive selection of standard and custom mechanical configurations.

All-gold body parts are available by special order.

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