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Allied Images has been appointed as UK distributor for the Atiz range of Bookdrive book scanners for technical book scanning applications.

Bookdrive is said to solve the problems found in book scanners including page curvature, damage to the book spine and low productivity.

It uses a V-shaped glass and book cradle that hold the book open at a non-stressful angle for scanning by high-speed, high-resolution digital SLR (DSLR) cameras.

Allied Images said this design guarantees sharp, curvature-free images in every scan.

Bookdrive cameras capture left- and right-hand pages simultaneously with each shot taking less than a second, allowing the user to capture up to 800 pages an hour.

The scanners are supplied with Bookdrive Capture and Editor Pro software applications.

The capture application that controls the cameras supports a range of Canon EOS DSLR cameras and allows you to change the camera settings directly from the software.

Editor Pro, for post-scan image processing, provides all the functionality users need to convert the scanned images into final output ready for archiving or distribution.

Bookdrive is available in Mini, DIY and Pro versions.

Atiz’s approach uses high performance DSLR cameras as capture devices.

When improved camera models become available, users need only to replace their cameras – not the entire scanning system as is the case with other offerings.

Bookdrive Pro has the ability to scan oversize books – up to A2, newspaper size – and heavy, cumbersome items such as deed registries.

In addition to book spine damage and low productivity, conventional and overhead scanners also produce curved page images and rely on software to correct resultant curvature problems.

This approach has been shown to produce poor, often unreliable results.

Bookdrive is said to eliminate the need for page curvature correction.

Bookdrive Editor Pro allows for image editing functions such as the ability to batch crop, de-skew, de-speckle, colour adjustment, TIFF conversion, and the output of Ebooks as PDFs.

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