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Extending its range of larger capacity machines, Ward CNC has announced a five-axis, rigid spindle CNC boring centre from Hyundai-Kia.

The machine – the KBN 135 – provides strokes of 3000mm in X, 2000mm in Y, 1600mm in Z and 700mm in W axes, and its 2000mm by 1800mm NC rotary B-axis table can support components weighing up to 10 tonnes.

High rigidity was at the centre of the specification for the Hyundai-Kia KBN 135, which features closed-loop linear scales in X, Y and Z as well as a high-accuracy rotary encoder for the B-axis table.

For 90deg direct indexing, a shot pin is engaged to maximise stability under cut, especially when utilising the machine’s drilling or milling off-centre capabilities.

Drive to the 22kW, NT50 spindle – which is some 135mm diameter – is via a four-step geared head, enabling full advantage to be taken of the high torque level being developed over the 67 to 2,000rev/min speed range.

Spindle cooling is part of the standard specification.

Maximum rigidity as a very stable machining platform is derived from the single structure main bed, which has six supports under the saddle.

To ensure optimum rigidity when the spindle quill is extended up to its 700mm maximum stroke, it is clamped once positioned in the W-axis.

Rapid traverse rates are 8m/min in each axis and the B-axis table is able to rotate at up to 0.8rev/min.

It also has 0.001deg indexing under control of the Fanuc 16i-M five-axis simultaneous unit with its 10.4in LCD screen mounted on a 90deg swivelling panel.

A separate pendant operating panel is included with manual pulse generator to aid setting.

Helical interpolation and tool life management are standard, while options allow the memory to be extended.

As standard, a 40-tool magazine is included with further options for 60- or 90-tool positions.

Tools up to 130mm diameter by 600mm long and weighing up to 20kg can be carried; however, tools up to 250mm diameter can be used by leaving adjacent pockets empty.

There is a further option to specify an increased tool weight capability to 30kg.

Flood coolant is included but higher-pressure 15-bar through-coolant feed can be requested, along with facing and angle head units.

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