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Bosch Motorsport is offering a gasoline direct injection system for use in racing vehicles.

With its engine control unit from the MS 5 product range and its HPI 5 high-pressure power stage unit, the system incorporates all the electronic components.

It also incorporates the complete hydraulic system: the HDEV 5 high-pressure injection valves and the HDP 5 high-pressure pump with an integrated demand control valve.

Electrically controlled HDEV 5 high-pressure solenoid valves with multi-hole technology typically use up to seven individual jets to generate a spraying pattern.

Bosch Motorsport advises its customers on injection-pattern configuration and offers individual jet configurations, in which the jet pattern is adapted to the specific geometrics of each engine’s combustion chamber.

The HDP 5 high-pressure pump is small and compact.

It can be connected to the cylinder head and typically generates pressures of up to 200 bar in the fuel rail.

The pump is driven by an additional cam on the camshaft.

On request, Bosch Motorsport can supply its customers with a variety of cam profiles, which are configured based on the properties of the engine in question.

The goal of the company is to increase the system pressure within the next few years.

The HPI 5 high-pressure power stage unit is said to allow precise injection control.

It uses a three-stage design – with a separate boost, pick-up and hold phase – and it uses high voltages and currents to boost the valves.

The power stage unit also drives the flow control of the high-pressure pump.

The strategy for the flow control of the pump was developed specifically for this application.

It includes pre-control and closed-loop regulation.

The Bosch Motorsport gasoline direct injection system is based on products that Bosch produces on a large scale in series and are then specially adapted for motorsports.

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