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Bosch has announced that it manufactures fuel filters tailored to every engine type – from gasoline pipe filters for carburettor engines to diesel filters for common rail diesel injection systems.

Modern diesel technology places particularly high demands on the fuel filters.

Reliable fine filtration and water separation systems are essential to protect the pumps, nozzles and valves of the injection system, which are manufactured precisely, to within one-thousandth of a millimetre.

The increasing use or addition of biofuels is placing particular demands on fuel filters.

Biodiesel binds water more strongly than conventional diesel fuel, making water separation much more difficult.

Furthermore, biodiesel constituents block the fuel filter more quickly.

Decomposition of the biodiesel itself can affect the filter housing and seals, which can lead to carbonisation in the injection nozzles.

Bosch diesel filters for biodiesel applications are manufactured using special sealing and housing materials and improved filter media.

In addition, as filter heating is even more important when using biodiesel, Bosch has developed diesel filters with active and passive heating that prevents blockage of the filter.

Engineers at Bosch have also developed special fuel filters for new vehicles featuring start/stop automatic systems.

The increased number of engine starts means that the filter is subjected to stronger pressure pulsations.

As a result, it must have a more stable design to prevent bursting.

The challenge, as far as hybrid vehicles are concerned, is the narrowness within the engine compartment as a result of the numerous additional components.

To resolve this difficulty, particularly small filters have been developed that still meet the same filtration and service life requirements as filters used in conventional vehicles.

To ensure optimum filtering effect on a long-term basis, fuel filters must be changed according to the specified replacement intervals.

For this reason, the Bosch spare parts range also includes more than 400 different types of filter in original equipment quality for the workshop service, giving the range broad market coverage.

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