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Bosch Rexroth, a provider of drive and control systems, is to become a principal member of the ODVA, the organisation that supports network technologies built on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

The company will join suppliers Cisco Systems, Rockwell Automation, Omron and Schneider Electric.

Bosch Rexroth’s increased participation builds on its long-term support of ODVA technologies and the ODVA organisation in which it has been an active member for several years.

Users will realise benefits in the increased availability of ODVA-compliant products under the Rexroth brand, especially those implementing the Ethernet/IP network.

Users will also benefit from reduced risk through lower cost of ownership and global, multi-vendor solutions for their automation systems.

Dr Bernd-Josef Schafer, senior vice-president of technical electric drives and controls in the industrial applications business unit at Bosch Rexroth, said: ’Our customers demand open, interoperable solutions for Rexroth’s core product offerings in drives and controls, and our ability to do so will be enhanced by our increased integration of ODVA technologies into our solutions, especially Ethernet/IP.

’Through our increased collaboration inside ODVA with other market leaders in industrial automation, Bosch Rexroth looks forward to helping industry achieve integration from device level up to enterprise business systems that is possible with industrial Ethernet and internet technologies,’ he added.

ODVA will introduce Bosch Rexroth as a principal member at its 2011 Industry Conference and 14th annual meeting, due to be held on 1-3 March 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona, where Bosch Rexroth will also present an overview of the company and its motivation to become a principal member of ODVA.

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