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Bott has made significant changes to its production processes as it introduces its Cubio range of modular workplace products.

The manufacture of Cubio involves a programme of staff training, machine reprogramming, equipment changes and factory re-organisation.

The change-over to Cubio will involve almost 200 staff at Bott UK’s headquarters in Bude, North Cornwall.

The move to the new range will run alongside the production of Bott’s existing range of shelving, cabinets and drawer units in the company’s 8000m2 production facility.

Four members of staff travelled to Bott’s parent operation in Germany to study how the Cubio products had been introduced there.

They will now act as staff champions in the UK and train their colleagues in the new processes.

One of the key technological changes is the riveting of a large range of standard product sections together, creating durable engineered housings and enabling the production of a wider range of storage configurations than ever before.

Cubio has been designed with a modern, contemporary appearance including changes to handles, locks, colours, and detailing.

Customers will also notice a number of improvements to standard specifications.

For example, many cupboards will feature scratch-resistant galvanised steel shelves and ‘Perfo’ doors, which provide additional hanging space on perforated inserts.

Drawer blocking, a safety feature which ensures only one drawer can be open at any time, is standard across the range, and all Cubio cabinets are offered with optional remote central locking.

The production changes needed for the introduction of the Cubio line have been made possible by a significant investment over recent months.

This has included a substantial modification to the powder coating line and installation of a Salvagnini P4 sheet metal bending machine.

The Cubio range’s modular nature means that the number of configurations has increased, offering additional flexibility for customers, with the reassurance that all items will integrate fully with each other.

Bott recently moved its workplace storage operations onto a single site in Bude, with the addition of 700m2 of office space, including a showroom for the new Cubio line.

The company, which has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation, will also offer bespoke installations and consultancy using its in-house project management expertise and Configura software.

The Cubio range is available from storage and workshop equipment dealers across Europe.

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