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Avalue’s EPS-910 embedded system is a heat-dissipative industrial-level box PC, which the company claims is well designed, heat dissipative and price competitive.

The EPS-910 is based on the Intel Celeron M 600MHz with a 512K L2 cache processor.

The system memory is DDR2 SDRAM 1GB (up to 2GB).

Avalue said the EPS-910 has the advantages of industrial-level stability and cost-efficiency.

The hard disk and memory are relocated closer to the bottom for easier maintenance, requiring only four screws to be removed.

The power connector is set with a cable fixer that makes the power cord reliable.

In addition, customers can select a phoenix-type power connector or an optional, lockable power connector that secures the machine against power outages.

The EPS-910 also adopts a voltage input from 8-36VDC, increasing its stability when used as an in-vehicle system.

The fanless mechanical design makes the EPS-910 a well-performing machine in the heat dissipation factor.

Thanks to its thermal solution, the design includes an internal heatsink onto the processor and external housing consisting of extruded aluminium alloy blades that conduct heat from inside out, passively and quickly.

It is capable of running 24/7 in harsh environments and wide operating temperatures from -15-55C.

Moreover, its low-power design drives a total less than 30W of energy consumption.

The EPS-910 is embedded with an EIPC computing board, which features rich I/O and expandability.

The EPS-910 equips SATA, EIDE and an external CF socket for better storage.

It accommodates four COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports (two in front), two PCI slots (EPS-910P2), one VGA, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports for a faster and more flexible connection.

Moreover, the EPS-910 offers line-in/line-out/mic-in audio jacks to ensure high-quality audio features and one 34mm Express Card socket for a variety of extended functions, such as wireless connectivity, video capture or extra storage.

Focused on the vertical market, the EPS-910 suits various embedded applications due to its expandability.

It can be used as a point-of-sale (POS) system, a public advertising machine or as any entry-level automation controllers, which are requested for stable running capabilities at the same time.

The EPS-910 is compatible with Win 2000/XP /98/95, Linux and Win CE operating systems.

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