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Brainboxes, a specialist in serial and Bluetooth connectivity, has launched two USB-to-serial connectivity devices.

The RS232 and RS422/485 serial devices provide an efficient serial port extension suitable for office and laboratory environments.

This is intended to ensure that desktops and laptops supplied with limited or no serial ports continue to have connectivity to a range of RS 232 and RS 422/485 devices via USB.

The first devices to be released in the company’s new range are the US-101 one-port RS232 and the US-324 one-port RS422/485.

These single-port devices are housed in a portable form factor and provide simple, instant, reliable serial port connectivity solutions.

They can also be plugged directly into any USB socket, making them economic and ergonomic, and a 30cm cable is also provided.

They are supplied with in-house-designed software.

The one-port RS232 has already been tested and implemented in various applications, including the global financial data exchange market.

This range will provide high-speed data transfer with the benefit of being hot-swappable with plug-and-play installation.

This makes the range suitable for use in laboratory and office environments.

In areas of restricted desk space, small-form-factor PCs are the computer of choice.

While these fulfil the need to fit into tight areas, they lack the number of serial ports that are needed in many applications.

An example of this is in airports, where numerous data capture devices are required to manage passenger flow efficiently through the terminal.

Raised security checks require additional equipment, such as retina scanners and passport scanners.

These items can be interchanged using USB-to-serial devices without rebooting the system or any need to update the system software.

The one-port RS232 and one-port RS422/485 products support data transfer rates up to 921,600 baud coupled with 1Mbit/s line drivers to deliver uncompromising performance to a laptop or PC.

Brainboxes is packaging these products with its Boost.Software driver.

The range will also benefit from the company’s lifetime guarantee and support, subject to online registration.

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