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Brammer is calling on businesses to check that polycarbonate bowls on their compressed air systems are safe and operating at maximum efficiency.

Polycarbonate bowls are fitted to compressed air systems and are found normally at point of use.

They usually form part of a filter, regulator and lubrication system (FRL), but are often left damaged or in a poor condition.

If the product shatters through neglect, this can lead to plant damage and personal injury, or even a fatality.

The BS6005 1997 standard for the Safety of Polycarbonate Bowls states that any bowls that show signs of damage, cracking or hazing, which have been contaminated with paint or solvents, or have been in service for 10 years or more, should be replaced.

Jeremy Salisbury of Brammer says: ‘Old polycarbonate bowls will not be operating at maximum efficiency and can easily crack or split.

‘In an environment where pressurised air is entering the bowl, this is highly dangerous and needs to be addressed.

‘Checking the condition of these products – and changing them as soon as they start to show signs of wear and tear – should be a regular point of routine maintenance.’

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