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Brand-Rex has announced extensions to its range of Microblo optical fibre Microcables and protected Microducts.

A number of air-blown fibre-optic Microcables are being introduced into the MicrobloTM range: 96 fibre Microblo and 2-12 fibre Microblo.

The 96f Microcables are suitable for metro, access or campus network use, providing eight loose tubes of 12 fibres each in a fully water blocked design.

The water-blocked construction designed for the smaller fibre count two to 12f Microblo cables is ideal for use in shorter distance applications, a typical one being the final connection for fibre to the home (FTTx) networks.

The expanded cable range complements the 24 and 48f solutions in addition to 72f Microcables, which have proved popular with Brand-Rex customers.

To facilitate installation of the Microcables in a wider range of environments, Brand-Rex has extended the range of Protected Microducts from the current metallic direct install solution to include three new product sets: Microducts for direct burial, non metallic direct install, and Low Smoke Halogen Free.

The Protected Microducts are available in single-, two-, four-, seven-, 12-, 19- and 24-way versions.

This gives network designers greater flexibility in planning for short distance urban or long-distance remote rural locations.

The air-blown Microcable can be taken from outside routes into a termination point anywhere inside a building.

Brand-Rex’s air-blown Microduct cabling solutions can be populated when needed, leaving spare capacity for future growth.

Fibre is purchased and installed only when required, which reduces the initial capital expenditure by eliminating the need to install dark fibre.

An air-blown fibre cabling infrastructure can be easily expanded and upgraded with minimum disruption to the current network.

Different types of fibre can be added as required, allowing customers to keep up to date with their network requirements.

The Microduct Infrastructure can be amended, re-routed and new destinations added with minimal disruption and without fusion splicing optical fibre, which optimises the power budget.

Security is enhanced due to the ability to provide diverse routings to desired locations.

Finally, a comprehensive microduct connectivity and accessory range helps to provide simple repair solutions.

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