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Brand-Rex has launched the High Density Fibre Cabinet (HDFC) Solution for use in high fibre density, cross-connect environments.

The system comprises high-density frames, cabinets, management panels with integrated fibre cassettes, cables and patch-cord management.

By clearly and logically organising the patching fields, the system reduces the floor space required for managing a high volume of optical connectivity.

The front of rack incorporates a manifold arrangement allowing fibre cables to be guided into management panels through a series of protective tubes, avoiding the need to access the rear of the cabinet.

The scalable system also features fibre panels with swivel and tilt management cassettes.

The Brand-Rex HDFC accommodates up to 1,824 fibre ports in standard configuration and provides the space required for effective patchcord and cable management.

Measuring 900 x 500mm (45U), the cabinet can be deployed as a standalone unit, or bayed back-to-back or side-to-side directly against walls.

When bayed back-to-back, the cabinet’s footprint is the same as that of conventional server racks (1000mm deep).

The HDFC also features a number of removable panels and doors at the front, side and rear, which can be closed and locked to secure the equipment.

With integrated front and rear vertical-finger management, the cabinet can support up to 912 Duplex LC connector ports when used in conjunction with the fibre-management panel with dual-fibre cassettes.

Measuring 0.5U in height, the fibre cassettes are contained within a 1U panel that is compatible with both 17 and 19in frames and supports LC adaptors.

They feature a mechanism that allows them to pivot, slide and hinge within the panel, enabling technicians to dress and work on spliced fibres without removing the cassette and without compromising live lines on adjacent cassettes.

This design ensures that patchcords are naturally trained towards the fibre management features within the right-hand side of the cabinet, removing the need for additional cable-management bars.

With a 35mm minimum-bend radii observed throughout the fibre management design, the potential for signal loss or degradation is obviated with any fibre type, whilst the clear, hinging cassette lid allows technicians to slide the tray out and look in to ensure that fibre is managed or spliced correctly.

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