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Brand-Rex will be presenting its latest advances in fibre and copper connectivity at Telecoms 09, the network infrastructure event being held from 23-24 September at London’s Olympia 2.

Brand-Rex will be demonstrating how its solutions have been developed from the ground up to meet today’s 10Gbps connectivity challenges across facilities – from data centres and telecoms rooms, through horizontal wiring, to the desk, and out to the network edge (fibre to the building).

The company will be showing its fibre cabling management system that transforms cabinet installation layouts, deployment and ongoing management in high-density environments such as data centres.

Comprising frames, cabinet, cable/patchcord management and sophisticated fibre management panels, it features clearly and logically organised patching frames to reduce the floor space required, and a front-of-rack manifold arrangement allowing fibre cables to be guided into management panels via a series of protective tubes – without the need to access the rear of the panel.

The fibre panels use two easy-access swivel and tilt management trays facilitating integrated fibre and splice management.

The fibre trays measure just 1/2U in height and employ a mechanism allowing them to pivot, slide and hinge within the 1U panel.

Other Brand-Rex products on show at Telecoms 09 include the 96-way Fibreplus Patch Panel, which allows for up to 96 connections per 1U, and the Cat6Plus 1/2U patch panel, delivering high port density while maximising airflow in the smallest possible space.

Also present will be the company’s 10GPlus Zone cable.

Smaller and 30 per cent lighter than conventional cables, 10GPlus Zone has been shown to improve airflow throughout the data centre by creating more room in server cabinets and under-floor cabling trays.

Enabling high bandwidth performance in horizontal wiring, data centres and storage area networks (SANs), the 10GPlus Zone cable provides an easier to install and more flexible solution to 10GBase-T cabling, said Brand-Rex.

It combines a high level of transmission performance with a screening technology that reduces alien crosstalk and enhances the electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance beyond that of unscreened cabling solutions.

‘The innovations we are exhibiting at Telecoms 09 have been designed in direct response to customer requirements for new approaches to structured cabling that deliver ease of management, operational efficiencies and 10GBase-T performance throughout the premises,’ said Ken Hodge, RandD manager at Brand-Rex.

Hodge will be presenting on day two of the event to address the topic of 10Gbps technologies, exploring the fibre optic and copper connectivity options, and reporting on a practical investigation of the limits of the performance envelope of each.

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