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Brand-Rex has been chosen to supply the high-speed copper and fibre infrastructure for supermarket chain Morrisons’ data centre expansion at its Bradford headquarters.

The structured cabling system designed and installed by Express Data supports more than 420 Morrisons stores and the nine million customers who pass through its doors each week.

The expanded data centre has standardised on Brand-Rex products for all its fibre and copper infrastructure requirements.

‘Using copper and fibre high-density solutions, Express Data is able to deliver an elegant, ergonomic solution that reduces floor-space requirements while managing a high volume of optical connectivity leading to significant cost savings,’ said Kevin Forrest, director at Express Data.

Employing front-access, high-density frames, cabinets and management panels with integrated fibre cassettes, cables and sophisticated patch-cord management, the high-density patching system is a compact solution for handling high volumes of optical connectivity.

More than 36,000 linear metres of Brand-Rex Blolite air-blown fibre-optic cable will be installed.

Providing more than 1,000 fibre-optic terminations, the fibre infrastructure will create a high-capacity, high-speed backbone throughout the data centre.

Additional fibre links to the headquarters’ main network infrastructure are also planned to give optimum network resilience and multiple traffic routing options.

The small, light Brand-Rex 10GPlus Zone copper cable was chosen for its flexibility and space-saving abilities as well as its high performance.

Forrest added: ‘By creating more room in server cabinets and under-floor cabling trays, the Brand-Rex Zone cable improves airflow, thus reducing cooling costs and power consumption.

‘In addition, its 10Gbit capacity offers Morrisons further future proofing,’ he said.

More than 17,000m of Brand-Rex cable will be deployed, providing 432 copper links.

With energy efficiency in mind, Express Data has incorporated water-chilled racks and an environmental monitoring system together with an integrated networked CCTV system, for both security and monitoring purposes, into the infrastructure.

When complete, the expanded data centre is hoped to achieve a power usage effectiveness (PuE) rating of around 1.4.

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