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Spirol Industries’s headed brass inserts and automatic heat insert driver have been selected by a moulder of chrome-plated plastic automobile components to improve efficiency and product quality.

The process covered the installation of a steel-threaded insert into various door handle covers after the moulding process.

The inserts were being fitted manually using an induction heating unit and a simple press – a slow process due to manual loading and the poor thermal conductivity of the steel insert.

In addition, if the operator unloaded the assembly too quickly before the insert cooled, it would float out of position in the molten plastic.

This process yielded erratic performance results with a production time of approximately 30sec per assembly and an eight per cent scrap rate.

After evaluation of the design and production process, Spirol recommended replacing the steel insert with one of its series 28 headed brass inserts, installing it with a Spirol HA automatic heat insert driver.

The machine automatically feeds, orientates and delivers the inserts to a heat chamber where they are quickly heated and ready for installation upon demand.

The operator simply loads the component into a fixture and activates the machine via dual opto sensors.

The machine advances, installs the insert, retracts and resets.

The brass insert begins cooling the moment it starts to enter the plastic and by the time it is fully installed, it has cooled enough to stay in its final position.

The production time has been reduced to less than 10sec, scrap is eliminated and the final product yields consistent performance.

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