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Brevini Power Transmission has provided full refurbishment and repair service for a gearbox on a Vestas wind turbine at a wind farm in the north of England.

The main drive gearboxes of wind turbines are well known to suffer in-service performance issues.

Due to the costs of replacing gearboxes that have failed with new large drives, it is cost-effective to keep a well-managed maintenance and service schedule for existing systems.

By taking the main drive out of service in a planned maintenance schedule, the unit can be refurbished and returned to full operational condition more cost-effectively.

The wind farm had a Lohmann and Stolterfoht drive that needed to be serviced after several years of operation.

The drive comprised of a single planetary low-speed input, a helical intermediate stage and helical high-speed output.

Having contacted a number of national industrial repair service providers, the maintenance manager opted to use Brevini Power Transmission to inspect and service the drive.

Brevini has experience in refurbishing all models and makes of gearboxes; as a gearbox manufacturer it is able to draw on many resources, from technical expertise to commercial purchasing power.

Dave Brown, UK sales manager at Brevini, said: ‘Within the UK we offer a range of services including repair, refurbishment and replacement for all types and manufacturers on units up to 15 tonnes.

‘This includes a removal and re-installation service and any redesign and up-rating that may be required.

‘All work is carried out by trained service engineers in accordance with our ISO9001:2008 quality system,’ he added.

The pre-strip-down inspection of the drive revealed that a number of the drive’s components had worn beyond acceptable limits.

Areas affected include corroded and worn disc brakes, cracked seals on the brake calipers, split oil cooler hoses and corrosion on the intermediate shaft.

Brevini Power Transmission UK recommended that all critical components were NDT crack-tested and a number of parts were replaced.

A full set of bearings, replacement intermediate hollow shaft and planet section sun pinion transfer shaft were recommended, along with a number of ancillary parts including the oil filter, hoses, brake pads and seals.

All replacement parts were sourced from the OEM and the drive was returned to its original specification.

A spokesperson for the wind farm said Brevini’s service engineer was able to diagnose the box’s faults and recommend the quickest and most cost-effective solution to return it to its original spec.

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