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Brevini’s wheel drives were selected for use on an agricultural tea-harvesting vehicle built in the UK.

The Brevini wheel-drive units are said to permit a neater design solution than axle drives and provide greater clearance for rough-terrain vehicles.

The wheel drives incorporate a robust gear design and are supplied in pairs, with a built-in hydraulic motor and mechanical braking available in left- and right-hand configurations.

They use a compact planetary drive system, which is designed for self-propelled vehicles and provides greater ground clearance on rough terrain than conventional drive systems, according to the company.

The wheel drives employ a combination of a Brevini planetary gear unit and high-speed hydraulic motor.

In the event of hydraulic-fluid contamination, only the inexpensive package motor need be replaced and this can be removed and refitted in minutes, without having to jack up the entire unit.

The gearbox/motor combination is capable of producing extremely low speeds and high torque when required.

Brevini’s wheel drive units provide drive-torque capacities between 1,000 and 38,000Nm, and radial load ratings up to 200,000N.

The units supplied for the tea harvester were from the RF range.

Each unit used a two-stage reduction gearbox with a ratio of 25:1 and an SU2 plug-in male shaft.

The RJ series is suitable for use on self-propelled vehicles that have individually motorised wheels.

The drives incorporate a mechanical disconnect device.

This is manually operated from the hub end plate and enables a vehicle to be towed in an emergency.

There are a range of braking options with the drives, including double-action drum brakes, hydraulic service braking and mechanically activated parking brakes.

This functions as an emergency brake should the hydraulic pressure fail.

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