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Silicon Laboratories’ latest-generation bridge chip range provides a small-footprint solution for USB and human interface device (HID)-USB connectivity.

The CP21xx USB bridge range offers a turnkey solution for upgrading serial interfaces to USB or adding USB and HID-USB to applications such as personal medical devices, mobile and cordless phones, smart card and flash card readers, personal digital assistants, MP3 players, bar code readers, wireless modems and industrial control systems.

Silicon Labs developed the CP21xx bridge range so that designers can add USB to microcontroller-based applications without the cost and complexity of developing sophisticated USB software.

The CP21xx ICs require no USB expertise to deploy, enabling developers to focus their time and resources on their end applications.

Features: USB to UART bridge (CP2104); USB to dual UART bridge (CP2105); HID-USB to UART bridge (CP2110); HID-USB to SMBus and I2C bridge (CP2112).

The new CP2110 and CP2112 bridge ICs comply with the USB-HID class specification natively supported by most operating systems, removing the need to install drivers.

This eliminates the risk of incompatible and exhaustive driver updates, and obviates the need for customers to provide companion CDs with specialised driver information or to maintain download sites for driver updates.

In addition, Silicon Labs’ HID-USB devices provide seamless compatibility with most operating systems, ending the product delays typically associated with resolving compatibility issues, speeding time to market and easing the design effort.

To deliver this USB design flexibility in a small footprint, the CP21xx range is built on a proven architecture that eliminates the need for costly and complex external crystals, internal or external EEPROM and other discrete components.

The single-chip CP21xx devices integrate a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, on-chip silicon oscillator, one-time programmable (OTP) ROM and asynchronous serial data bus with full modem control signals.

The CP21xx range’s novel clock recovery feature enables the internal oscillator to meet USB full-speed clock accuracy requirements.

The built-in programming charge pump supports in-field programming for quick, effortless custom configuration of USB vendor IDs, product IDs, USB descriptors, power descriptors, device release numbers and device serial numbers.

The CP2104EK kit supports evaluation and customisation of a simple USB-to-UART bridge, while the CP2105EK kit supports USB-to-dual-UART designs.

The CP2110EK kit enables comprehensive evaluation and customisation of an HID-USB-to-UART bridge and the CP2112EK kit supports HID-USB-to-SMBus/I2C bridge connections.

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