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Brigade has launched a heavy-duty radar detection system designed to enable operators to manoeuvre more safely.

Most construction vehicles and mobile plant equipment have extensive blind spots, which makes manoeuvring both difficult and dangerous.

Brigade’s Xtreme Backsense system solves this by detecting moving and stationary objects around the vehicle and warning the driver in the cab.

The system warns the driver that an object is in range by means of both graduated visual and audible warnings in the cab.

The visual display has five LEDs, each representing one fifth of the detection range, while the intermittent audible sound increases in rate as an object becomes closer.

Xtreme Backsense can be programmed to maximum detection ranges of six, eight or 10m depending on requirements and has improved precision, with the last graduation only 80cm from the sensor.

This graduated warning system allows the driver to judge speed and direction with limited visibility and provides flexibility of movement.

Multiple sensors can be connected to the rear, front or side with a single display to increase the detection area and maximise safety.

Xtreme Backsense can be integrated with other vehicle safety devices that enhance operator awareness, such as camera monitor systems and reversing alarms – the latter also helping to warn other workers.

The rugged design of Xtreme Backsense makes it suitable for applications prone to wear and tear from harsh terrain, such as mining, quarry, construction and agriculture.

The system is protected from dust and moisture to IP67, making it suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Its day/night sensor adjusts the LEDs to the ambient lighting level to prevent excessive intensity in low-light conditions, while remaining prominent in day light.

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