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Brit-Lube has supplied range of high-performance food-safe lubricating oils to prevent a food manufacturer from using huge volumes of oil.

The food manufacturer ran into difficulties when oven chains on its tortilla lines exceeded temperatures of 250C.

Due to these extreme temperatures the manufacturer was forced to use large quantities of oil.

The manufacturer also had to apply the oil by hand resulting in significant oil wastage.

Having performed numerous tests on available food-grade lubricating oils, the manufacturer found that none could meet the challenge set by the demanding operating conditions.

The food manufacturer decided to introduce Brit-Lube’s Clear Chain Lube to its tortilla lines.

This product is a synthetic chain lubricant that performs well in harsh environments.

With a high load performance, Clear Chain Lube is suitable for an application where a thermally stable, food-safe, non-toxic oil is required.

The oil has a temperature range above 270C and was well equipped to deal with the demanding operating conditions.

Brit-Lube also installed a Auto-Lube system, allowing small proportioned amounts of oil to be used frequently, reducing maintenance time and expenditure and increasing efficiency.

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