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LSI has announced the availability of LSI Broadband Access Software 8.1 for the family of LSI APP communications processors.

The company said the software supports the IPv6 protocol, including enhanced security and quality-of-service management capabilities that are said to be crucial to the effective delivery of services over IPv6, in addition to supporting IPv4 video, voice and data services.

Today’s traffic management schemes must be able to prioritise network services so that network providers can deploy tiered customer services with multiple quality and price levels.

LSI Broadband Access 8.1 enables tiered services in IPv6 networks by providing network managers with service-aware management tools such as subscriber flow isolation and dynamic priority modification.

The software also provides bandwidth-capping algorithms that optimise bandwidth allocation and reduce the need for constant capacity upgrades.

The continued expansion of wireless and wireline internet usage is being driven in part by the deployment of tiered services that require higher levels of quality of service, service configurability, data security and mobile application support.

LSI Broadband Access software is said to enable a new generation of service-aware, tiered subscription plans in IPv6 broadband access networks.

Using programmable hardware schedulers in the LSI APP communications processor and its own hierarchical scheduling algorithms, the software enables network traffic to be dynamically shaped for specific services and subscribers.

LSI Broadband Access software uses a single API for the complete suite of LSI APP3300 and APP300 devices and is configurable with any brand of customer premise equipment, so OEMs can leverage a single application across a broad system portfolio.

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