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A company in Egypt is using Broadbent Stanley lathes in the manufacture of oil pipe casings.

Machines for the oil industry must be of a robust and heavy-duty construction, capable of extremely heavy usage as well as a little abuse, but above all, reliability, longevity and support are paramount.

Over the past 20 years, the company in Egypt has purchased five Broadbent Stanley lathes, three manual and two CNC.

It also purchased another brand of lathe about six years ago, which has broken down on a number of occasions.

When Broadbent’s managing director, Graham Thomas, visited the production facility, the customer asked him to dispose of the defective lathe and in return it would purchase a replacement plus an additional machine to meet growing production demands.

The machines purchased were heavy-duty manual models, the Broadbent Stanley PA 45 x 3,000mm.

Each is fitted with a 14in diameter (355.5mm) hollow spindle, front- and rear-mounted chucks, hydraulic copying and Broadbent’s semi-automatic threading cycle.

This feature is similar to the auto cycles found on a CNC machine, which also enables the operator to pick up the start of an existing thread for repair work.

The order was fulfilled within the agreed time frame with installation following shortly afterwards.

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