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Broadcom will present its super resolution technology for digital televisions (DTVs) at CES 2009.

Broadcom’s super resolution for DTVs allows low-resolution videos from the internet and standard definition (SD) content such as standard DVDs to be converted to high resolution on large-screen high definition televisions.

This technology will allow television manufacturers to enhance the quality of low-resolution internet content for viewing on television.

The online video market is growing, but most online videos are low resolution and low quality.

Even with these limitations, In-Stat market research predicts that 94 per cent of US households with broadband access will watch online video by 2012 and 39 per cent of all US adults will either have bought or rented an online video.

Broadcom’s recently introduced products (such as the BCM3548, BCM3549 and BCM3556) feature home network connectivity via an integrated Ethernet media access controller (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) capabilities, allowing consumers to connect with multiple home networking devices such as media servers, PCs, MP3 devices and portable media players (PMPs).

As the average screen-size of televisions continues to increase, consumers will be able to enjoy SD-quality DVDs with better resolution and higher quality on larger screens.

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