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Plastic moulding company Broanmain has announced that it has increased its capacity for injection moulding polyester thermoset materials.

The company’s 250-tonne standard thermoplastic injection machine has been converted to process polyester dough thermosetting moulding compound (DMC).

To meet increasing demands for high-quality polyester DMC components moulded by the injection process, Broanmain, working alongside Demag Hamilton, has added a thermosetting processing option to its 250-tonne machine to enable injection moulding of DMC.

The first problem to overcome was the extra weight of the additional DMC stuffer unit.

The carriage supports were re-engineered to cope with this additional weight.

After modifying the carriage, a purpose-designed screw, barrel and stuffer box were fitted and the machine control software updated to provide the additional settings needed for thermoset materials.

The D250/2300 machine has also been fitted with a vacuum facility with reservoir for fast tool evacuation and gassing control; the software controls precise activation.

The shot weight capacity with DMC is now 1,500gms.

The machine has now completed many hours of trouble-free running, making an array of DMC parts for a number of customers.

The 250/2300 machine can quickly be converted back to thermoplastic moulding.

Broanmain, based in Dorking, Surrey, currently operates seven Demag injection machines and 10 compression/transfer machines.

Capacity ranges from 25 tonne to 250 tonne.


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